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What is AccuFee?

AccuFee" is a Microsoft Excel program created for offices that provide medical eye services. AccuFee makes sure that you always collect the maximum allowable payment from the insurance companies. AccuFee calculates your office fee schedule and 3rd party payment schedules in seconds. Complete and rapid updates of fees and payments are now possible. There is no other office management tool like this in the U.S. AccuFee saves your office from having to buy the Federal Register, and spending countless hours searching through it, learning formulas, creating spreadsheets. The program requires little memory, is independent of your practice management software and the fee formulas are adjusted for the economy in your area.

AccuFee Highlights:

-Individually adjusted to office location for locally accurate fees & payments.
-Accurate, rapid, current office fee valuations.
-Calculates maximum allowables for 3rd party insurances.
-Reveals 3rd party formula for payment.
-Ensures 3rd parties are paying accurately.
-Creates opportunity to collect copays, deductions and overages at time of service.
-Can significantly reduce accounts receivable, and increase cash flow.
-Current year Medicare payment schedule available from 1st day of the year.
-Saves the cost of buying the Federal Register.
-Saves the time of learning formulas.
-Saves the time of creating spreadsheets.
-CPT updates without referencing the new year CPT manual.
-"AccuFee" will pay back its cost in about a day.

-Creates an accurate defendable office fee schedule, such that you bill and get paid what you are worth, leaving no money on the table:
The RBRVS (Resource Based Relative Value Scale) is how Medicare has paid you for over 10 years. The RBRVS was created by Harvard and is a logical and accurate way of placing a value on procedures. Most medical insurances have adopted RBRVS. It makes sense to create office fees that are also based on RBRVs, so fees are accurate and defendable, and have values similar to the payment system.No more under-charging and being under-paid for your work.

-Calculates the maximum allowable payment schedule for nearly every medical plan:
You will learn the value that the insurance industry places on your services. You will discover some surprising values. This will help you decide on your office fees, i.e., help you choose your own office conversion factor.

-Catches 3rd Party Payment Mistakes:

When your insurance check arrives, do you know if it is the correct amount? Knowing the maximum allowable payment schedule tells you if you are paid accurately. Some 3rd parties pay you the wrong amount about 20% of the time.

-Decreases accounts receivable:
Knowing maximum allowables allows you to collect the "patient portion" at the time of service. No waiting for the EOB to know what to bill. No more spending $5 to collect $10. Patients like paying bills in full. This can lower your "patient" account receivables to a few hundred dollars - a tremendous cash flow increase.

-Alert you when your office fee falls below the 3rd party maximum allowable:
A bright red number on the Patient Totals screen ensures you leave no money on the table.

-Keeps you updated on the current CPT codes:
Each year's edition updates to the new and changed CPT codes, so you are billing with accurate CPT codes.

-Gives you a time-table for updating fees, ensuring you are constantly collecting the full value of your services:
Medicare and other 3rd parties update the maximum allowable schedule yearly and you should update your fee schedule every January 1. Annually, a new edition of AccuFee gives you the latest values to keep your fees current.

-Provides easy calculation for modifier-52, "reduced services", sometimes used as discount for payment at time of service:
A separate column is available so staff may quickly reference the fee for reduced services.

-Returns to you the price of the software in about one day:
The changes in fees will improve production much more than the cost of this software, every day.